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Creating Link Worthy Content and Marketing

To guarantee success in the online world, it is best to set up an all-round SEO campaign – what this means is that your focus needs to be on both your on-site and off-site efforts.

Sounds like a lot of work? It is – but with the help of SEO Brisbane, you can have all your ducks in a row in no time!

With a highly experienced SEO team who have both practical and theoretical knowledge of digital marketing, we at SEO Brisbane know what it takes to create a comprehensive online marketing campaign. We understand just how important it is to address both:

  • Issues that need to be tweaked on the site to ensure it is optimised for the best keyword opportunities;
  • Relationships with other webmasters in the industry that will link to your website and provide a valuable mention.

For this reason, we employ our team of on-site and off-site experts to cover all aspects essential for you to beat your competitors and capitalise in your line of business.

Here’s what we will do for you:

On-site Optimisation and Content Marketing

In this day and age, your website is the cornerstone of your business and if it is not optimised to present itself in front of the right audience, it may as well be non-existent. As an all-round SEO agency, we will provide the following steps to ensure your on-site elements and content marketing strategy are in place:

On-site SEO audit

If you already have a low performing website, we will conduct a complete audit to determine which aspects require improvement. Everything from the design, URLs to on-site content – nothing will sneak by us and drag your website down.

Keyword analysis

We will discover the most appropriate keywords and keyword phrases to optimise all your pages for and ensure they appear in front of your target customers when they search for your products and services.

Competitor analysis

At SEO Brisbane, we always take a sneak peek at your direct competitors to see what they have been up to, all in an effort to create a better-performing campaign. We take a look at their linking opportunities and content marketing efforts to determine what type of content can deliver the best results.

Editorial calendar creation

After we have all the data at our disposal, we come up with a list of most relevant topics to include in an editorial calendar. All content we produce is of the highest quality, written by native English speakers, for a targeted audience.  

Off-site Efforts and Link Building

Once your website is optimised and ready to compete, our SEO professionals shift their focus on link building. Our aim is to create a stellar backlink portfolio that will inform search engines of the relevance of your website.


We identify the most influential websites from your industry and contact webmasters to ask if they would be willing to publish a piece of quality content with a link to your website.

Create quality content

The content piece we intend to place will be of the highest quality – our native content writers produce well-researched and unique blog posts that will enjoy high traffic and social shares.

Build organic linking environment

We always ensure your link is placed organically within the blog post so that it is well-received by both readers and search engines.

Ready to start?

All this may take up a lot of your time – and SEO Brisbane is at your disposal to do all the heavy linking. Get in touch today!


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