Trends That Will Secure The Future of Your Online Dating Service

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Dating websites are a growing trend according to some of the latest statistics, which means that this industry, on its own, is getting more and more lucrative by the hour. You see, approximately 50 million people have tried out online dating (at least in some form), which means that there’s an incredibly lucrative market for what you’re trying to sell. The problem, however, lies in the fact that there are currently about 8,000 dating sites in the world, with 1,000 new sites being launched every year. In order to stay competitive in such a climate, you need to look at which web design trends you should apply when making your site. Here are eight such trends.

Invest in SEO

Due to the fact that a lot of people are still ashamed to admit that they’re using dating websites, not a lot of people will come to the site via a recommendation of a friend. This means that you need to either sponsor your content to attract a direct audience or invest in your SEO to improve your visibility. This means focusing on two major areas. First, you need to do a full SEO audit of your website in order to follow-through with some on-site optimization. Second, you need to realize the importance of off-site SEO and utilize this to your own benefit.

Pick a suitable domain name

A suitable domain name is one of the features that will make your website marketable. The name needs to be short, simple and easy to remember. This will help with the number of direct searches but also the number of word of mouth recommendations (despite what we’ve discussed in the previous section, there are always some recommendations taking place). It should also be something that’s easy to fit into the general design of the website. Therefore, consider the font and the shape of the letters as much as you do their composition.

Free or paid?

This is an issue that shouldn’t have a clear-cut answer, especially when you can grade your services based on the version of the platform that people are using or even offer a free trial version of full services. No matter how altruistic you may feel at the moment, you’re still running a business and it’s in your best interest that people go for a full paid membership. Therefore, make sure that the demo that you’ve offered them is compelling enough. Finding the right measure here is not a simple task and visiting a competitor’s website, as well as registering to see the difference between two versions.

Intuitive navigation

One of the main reason why industry titans like Tinder were so incredibly successful is due to their simple and intuitive navigation design. This catalog-like structure is particularly popular since it gives people a chance to choose people they find physically attractive with ease. While there’s more to a successful relationship than just physical appearance, remember that this is an incredibly important factor that just shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s also something that could make or break the success of your platform as a whole.

User profiles need to be fully functional

Perhaps the most important element of a dating service should be a user profile and here you have a lot of work to do. First of all, it needs to be fully functional and provide you with all the information you need in order to get to know the basics of the person in question. Still, you shouldn’t go too far. What you want is to encourage people to interact, which is why the profile in question should only hint on one’s personality and interests, just enough to make people want to do some exploration of their own. There should also be the issue of privacy, as well as a restriction when it comes to who is allowed to see the profile in question.

The color palette is pivotal

When it comes to the choice of color palette, red is the most obvious choice, seeing as how it’s frequently described as the color of love and passion. The problem, however, lies in the fact that everyone else in the industry is using these hues and that, in order to set yourself apart, you might want to go with something a bit different. Remember, however, that the design elements and themes may change the way in which one interprets the color in question, which leaves you with more options than you initially expected to encounter.

Focus on the user experience

Finally, the very term user experience can be much more important when it comes to a dating site, due to the fact that it’s often associated with the dating experience itself. For this reason, your matchmaking algorithm needs to be on par. This means creating an extensive survey that will be included in the registration process and allow people to be paired with those that they seem to be the most compatible with. Needless to say, the development of this algorithm deserves the largest portion of your design and development budget.

Understand what people are looking for

The next thing you need to understand is the mindset of your audience and what they’re looking for. The best thing about this is the fact that there are a plethora of surveys online that you can draw upon, as well as the fact that you don’t have to look for inspiration exclusively on dating sites.


Bear in mind that more men are using online dating sites than women, which might require an outside-of-the-box approach to this solution. Remember that nightclubs, escort businesses and even websites for high-end brothels like A touch of Class have something to offer in this regard. Fortunately, this gives you more research opportunities, as well as more room for independent research of the subject matter.

When it comes to a dating website, the two most important things are functionality and features. Also, due to the fact that over 60 percent of online daters are already in a relationship, putting a special emphasis on privacy might be the most important thing for your website (business-wise).

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